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FC — Flexible Connector

FC — Flexible Connector


Submittal Data (167 KB, PDF)
  • Roll-formed galvanized steel and fabric
  • Available in specialty metals
  • Available in both commercial and residential grades
  • Available with two different styles of seam wraps
  • Available in 100' rolls
  • All fabrics rated to 10" S.P.
  • Absorbs sound and vibration to prevent from transmitting throughout system

Model FC Flexible Connector

TDC/TDF Commercial4" Metal, 4" Fabric, 4" Metal24Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless SteelAll TypesDouble
Commercial3" Metal, 3" Fabric, 3" Metal24Galvanized, AluminumAll TypesDouble
Economy2.75" Metal, 4" Fabric, 2.75" Metal28GalvanizedNeoprene VinylStandard
Residential1.75" Metal, 3" Fabric, 1.75" Metal28GalvanizedNeoprene VinylStandard